Position: A modern Alchemist of life

A modern alchemist of life, defender of the true essence of celebration and manifestor of harmony, Dimitrios is carrying an extensive career as an Artist, Dj, Musician and Event Organizer shared in 3 continents of the world (Greece, Brazil & Turkey) for nearly two decades.

His sound and musical knowledge are versatile and innovative. He takes his audience to a travel beyond expectations and into a rich variety of rhythmic and melodic forms that embrace the richness of the different musical languages of our world.

His eclectic taste, sensitivity and ability to stir emotions made him perform his music in a great diversity of events always delivering the Medicine of Music (as he calls it) pure… as it comes from the heart.

Since 2014, Dimitrios has expanded his craft by giving Music Therapy sessions to individuals and groups. Dimitrios organizes events of Conscious Celebration, Wellness Events and sharing the hidden truth of Music as a tool of Human Development and Self-Healing through his project “The Music Medicine”.